Phone: (07) 3142 5556  

Phone: (07) 3142 5556

The 7D cinema combines 3D, physical and environmental effects for an ultimate sensory experience. 7-D stands for 7-Dynamic. This refers to the movement of the platform that work on a 3 degree of freedom (DOF) which allows up and down, front and back, left and right movement in sync with the onscreen activity. The experience also includes a variety of environmental effects including smoke, wind, rain, snow, bubbles, and a few other surprise elements depending on the ride storyline.

Yes. Please click here for the full list of safety instructions

We keep the most current poster pinned to the top of our Facebook Page as well as display it on our front window of the store and on the counter where ticket sales take place.

There are no set session times. Simply come in at any time during opening hours and choose your ride.

The only time we require booking is if you would like to host a party requiring party bags for your guests. However, some special online promotions do use a booking portal to help ease congestion at peak times.

The rides vary in length from 4 minutes up to 20 minutes, averaging around 10 minutes long.

We have a selection of 8 rides to choose from each month until we swap out half of the rides so we always have new rides to choose from. The themes to choose from are in the styles of Adventure, Horror, Flight, Racing, Rollercoaster, Toddler Friendly, Dinosaur, Battle, and Science Fiction.

We recommend from age 2+. As long as the child is old enough to sit and wear 3D glasses for around 10 minutes. But every child is unique and you are the best judge of what your child may be comfortable with.

The ride does move around as much as a bumpy car ride. Depending on how sensitive you are to motion you will most likely be fine, but if you suffer from severe motion sickness or vertigo it will likely make you feel a little giddy.

We have CCTV set up inside the ride for safety purposes. We give the instruction before every ride that if you need us to stop the ride for any reason (illness, phobia, upset child) to put one hand straight up into the air and we can instantly stop the ride for you to exit safely. We will then resume the ride for the other riders.

No. As we have CCTV set up we can keep an eye on the children at all times to ensure their safety. As long as they are old enough to give the stop signal (raising one hand) they are fine to go in unassisted.

Yes we do. See in-store for details as rates vary.

We have had a great response with local respite centres and their clients and carers but as each person is unique this judgement is best left with the parent or carer of the person.

We have wheelchair access to the store itself but there are two steps to manoeuvre to get into the ride seats. Inspections are most welcome.

Our prices are displayed in-store on the wall, in our brochures, on our website, and within our photo files on Facebook. We often have discounts and promotions running via our social media accounts but our base price for a single ride starts at $10 for a child $12 for an adult and $38 for a family of four. There are further discounts for groups and multi-ride deals.

As well as operate the 7D ride in Redcliffe we also have a 6-seat mobile cinema, we have an eclectic selection of retail items for your perusal in-store, a free-play arcade game, snacks and drinks, kids play table, and of course our resident T-Rex Bruce!

We are open every day but Tuesday during the school term and every day during school holiday periods.

No, we are just a small family business. Husband and wife with two young children from Scarborough.

Monday 10am – 5pm Tuesday CLOSED (holidays 10am-3pm) Wednesdays 10am – 5pm Thursdays 10am – 5pm Fridays 10am – 9pm Saturdays 9am – 9pm Sundays 9am – 3pm Christmas day and New Year’s Day CLOSED Other PUBLIC HOLIDAY times vary depending on the day the holiday falls. See in-store for details